arcadia biofuelThe world’s favourite spider men and women, Arcadia Spectacular, say they are “Locked and loaded” for Bristol city centre with a new biofuel flame system running on recycled vegetable oil from Bristol chip shops. The team behind Arcadia say this

“This is what it’s always been about – an experimental alchemy of ideas, creating magic from waste materials – a magic made real when shared with thousands.

The world has never seen a biofuel SFX system before and the R&D has gone on for years to get the technology up and running.
The new flame system has a different feel to it with a whole new spectrum of atmospherics… and all powered by reclaimed resources, something we’re immensely proud of
arcadia bristolOn Sunday – 10 am – 4pm – while we’re setting up and rehearsing – there will be a family and children’s day in Queen Square organised by AT BRISTOL – so if you fancied a day out with the kids – please do head down.

Huge thanks to Bristol 2015 – European Green Capital for all their help and support with the conversion”

Take a look at the video here

Arcadia host two massive shows on September 4th and 5th in Bristol. More here