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Small is Beautiful is back at CAT!

The Small is Beautiful festival returns to CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology) in Wales for 2016 in a 'lite' format -  pulling together all the key elements; talks, workshops, debates, arts and music - and the event will be a microcosm of the main event, squeezed into one day. Organisers [...]

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The number of single-use plastic bags used by shoppers in England has plummeted by more than 85% after the introduction of a 5p charge last October, early figures suggest. More than 7bn bags were handed out by seven main supermarkets in the year before the charge, but this figure plummeted to [...]

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Festival Vision: 2025 unites UK festivals for a sustainable future

Over 40 UK music festivals have pledged to work together to create a more environmentally sustainable festival industry by signing Festival Vision: 2025 — the vision and roadmap for a sustainable future presented by industry think-do tank Powerful Thinking in its seminal environmental report, The Show Must Go On.   [...]

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Portugal kept its lights on with renewable energy alone for four consecutive days in a clean energy milestone revealed by data analysis of national energy network figures. Electricity consumption in the country was fully covered by solar, wind and hydro power in an extraordinary 107-hour run that lasted from 6.45am on [...]

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Outdoor air pollution has grown 8% globally in the past five years, with billions of people around the world now exposed to dangerous air, according to new data from more than 3,000 cities compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO). While all regions are affected, fast-growing cities in the Middle East, [...]

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Boom By Bike Initiative

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