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AGF Launch The Greener Event Award!

A Greener Festival expands to assess Events, Venues and Arenas. The Greener Event Award is launched internationally on World Environment Day. Environmental Assessment and accreditation to expand from festivals to include all event types, event venues and arenas. First assessment completed last week at the Spring Performing Arts Festival (NL). [...]

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25 More AGF Assessors Trained for the Greener Festival Award

25 new AGF assessor's from 8 countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, France, UK, USA, Ireland) at sold out training. Total now 65 AGF assessors since training began 12 months ago. This month 25 more assessors from 8 countries have been trained in Environmental Assessment of Events to for the globally recognised Greener [...]

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Guest Blog: Connected Technology for Sustainable Change

Beth Lillian It’s not exactly news that the Internet has become a global phenomenon; ubiquitous in both our private and professional lives. First it began to shift the way we communicate with one another, and now it is quickly changing the way we interact with the physical world around us. [...]

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DGTL launches ‘Eco coin’ currency to reward sustainable behaviour

DGTL Amsterdam, the two-day electronic music festival held on April 15 and 16, is announcing new plans to become the world’s first circular festival. Since its conception in 2012, sustainability has been an integral part of the festival’s program to increase visitors’ awareness of climate change. In 2016, the organization [...]

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Green Events & Innovations 2017 Success! GEI9 Review.

We are completely inspired and motivated by the speakers and delegates of the GEI9 - Green Events & Innovations Conference 2017! Just a few short insights in to the day ... and keep an eye on this space for videos and slides coming soon. Professional Power! Smart Design of Event Energy [...]