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World leaders from 175 countries signed the historic Paris climate accord Friday, using Earth Day as a backdrop for the ceremonial inking of a long-fought deal that aims to slow the rise of harmful greenhouse gases. "We are in a race against time." U.N. secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the gathering at [...]

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The German city of Hamburg has announced a ban on the purchase and use of coffee pods in all government-run buildings and institutions across the city. "Capsule-coffee is expensive and the pods don't have a good ecological balance sheet," said Jan Dube, media spokesperson for the Ministry of the Environment and [...]

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A Greener Festival Training – London SOLD OUT – Manchester last few spaces.

Following the launch of the A Greener Festival training, the first 1 day course to be held in London has now SOLD OUT. A handful of spaces are available for the course held in Manchester this month. A Greener Festival has developed the course "Introduction to Environmental Assessment of Festivals [...]

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Why Big Data Matters for the Climate

By Beth Lillian One of the most significant advantages of the modern Information Age is our ability to gather, process and analyze data with a level of speed and precision that would have been unheard of just a decade prior.  Almost everything we do online and within the increasingly vast [...]

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Climate change may actually bring deserts back to life - and arid parts of California, central Asia, the Sinai, Southern Africa and central Australia may see more frequent downpours. Researchers say that climate change is already driving an increase in extremes of rainfall and snowfall across most of the globe, [...]

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