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AGF is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving sustainability of events, tours, venues, festivals and all live sector contributors

What Do We Do?

AGF is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving sustainability of the events sector.

Our goal is to help the events sector to become more sustainable. In addition to our unmissable GEI conference, we provide certification, training, CO2 analysis and consultation for organisers, venues, tours, artists, festivals, sports, suppliers, local authorities from all event types internationally.

Some of the clients we work with:

Events we work with

We are humbled by the fact our efforts have gotten this [Greener Event Award] recognition. I truly believe this is a fantastic step towards a significant change in the way companies consider their impact and potential to engage at their events.

-Aleksandra Bora, Booking.com

The AGF training was great, very worthwhile on a number of levels. The trainers are dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic; the information imparted is useful and interesting; and there were valuable opportunities to make contact with like-minded passionate people involved in festivals and sustainability. It’d be great if all festival organisers did this training!

-Em Weirdigan, Green Gathering

Our ambition is to create a festival without negative environmental impact, and we already have many years of experience in creating sustainable initiatives. With the report and the Highly Commended Award from A Greener Festival we now have a collection of very useful data that can help us take our efforts to a new level. At the same time, it is a great compliment to the many volunteers who are involved in reducing Roskilde Festival’s environmental impact.

– Christina Bilde, Roskilde Festival