Helping Festivals and Events around the world to be more Environmentally Sustainable

A Greener Festival is a non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of festivals and events.

Some of the events we work with:

Events we work with

We are humbled by the fact our efforts have gotten this [Greener Event Award] recognition. I truly believe this is a fantastic step towards a significant change in the way companies consider their impact and potential to engage at their events.

-Aleksandra Bora,

The AGF training was great, very worthwhile on a number of levels. The trainers are dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic; the information imparted is useful and interesting; and there were valuable opportunities to make contact with like-minded passionate people involved in festivals and sustainability. It’d be great if all festival organisers did this training!

-Em Weirdigan, Green Gathering

Our ambition is to create a festival without negative environmental impact, and we already have many years of experience in creating sustainable initiatives. With the report and the Highly Commended Award from A Greener Festival we now have a collection of very useful data that can help us take our efforts to a new level. At the same time, it is a great compliment to the many volunteers who are involved in reducing Roskilde Festival’s environmental impact.

– Christina Bilde, Roskilde Festival