Music is more fun than cement!

//Music is more fun than cement!

Music is more fun than cement!

Radiohead are one of a number of bands leading the music industry's fight against climate change

Alison Tickell, director of cross music industry climate change initiative Julies Bicycle helped launch the Green Music guide last night to a packed audience of music industry professionals pointing out that whilst greenhouse emissions from the music industry were relatively low, as its visibility was high it was in a prime position to encourage other industries and the general public to green up its act – adding that the music industry was important as “we’re so damn attractive and everybody wants to see us! – unlike cement”. The new guide, jointly published and launched with the Mayor of London, is an important new practical aide for the music industry to take action on climate change and reduce carbon emissions from the music industry. The Guide was launched last night at the opening night of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) at London’s Kensington Gardens Hotel with keynote speeches from Jazz Summers, chair of Julie’s Bicycle, Justine Simmons, Cultural Strategy Manager for the Mayor of London’s office and Julie Calland from Courtyard Management who manage Radiohead and Supergrass. The publication is one of a number of initiatives from the Mayor of London’s office to reduce carbon emissions across London – the Mayor had previously published Green Theatre and will be publishing a similar guide for the film and television industries in the future.

Green Music can be downloaded at

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