Heard about the Carbon Reduction Committment?

//Heard about the Carbon Reduction Committment?

Heard about the Carbon Reduction Committment?

Go to green ....
Go to green ….

From April next year about 5,000 large companies and organisations in the UK will have their carbon emissions capped – if they want to emit more than their allowance they will have to purchase permits to cover these greenhouse gas emissions from gas and electricity use as part of the Carbon Reduction Commitment. This means that companies will need to look at all facets of their business and reduce energy consumption and prevent waste. Here are some handy tips for offices who want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and help the planet – and save money:

– Get rid of the ’standby’ culture – turn electrical appliances OFF.

– Look at your supply chain – are you buying sensibly? 

– Use recycled paper – making recycled paper only uses between 30-70% f energy needed for other papers – and is usually cheaper to buy

– Don’t print in colour if you don’t have to – and if you don’t have to print – don’t! 

– Reuse and recycle – give someone in the office the task of managing recycling – and don’t just look at plastics and paper, look at everything from ink cartridges to waste electrical equipment.

– Cancel unwanted publications

– Use envelopes and padded bags as many times as you can

– Use natural light – and TURN OFF lights when you don’t need them.

– Reduce water use wherever you can – do you really need taps running all day?

– Promote sustainable transport to staff – cycling, public transport, walking and car sharing.

Source: Envirowise

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