Revised evironmental law guidance published

//Revised evironmental law guidance published

Revised evironmental law guidance published

magistrates 2A revised version of the invaluable guidance Costing the Earth is now available on the Magistrates’ Association website at

The guidance offers a reference and explanation to a wide range of environmental and sentencing questions. It uses 47 detailed case studies covering a wide range of environmental concerns from air pollution to wildlife.

Costing the Earth was first published in 2002 by the Magistrates’ Association in recognition of the increasing number and importance of these cases and lack of any available guidance. While essentially prepared to help sentencers and their legal advisers, other organisations have found the guidance extremely informative and helpful in preparation of cases. The MA is once again grateful to the original author Dr Paul Stookes, a solicitor-advocate and partner in the specialist law firm Richard Buxton Environmental and Law, for updating and amending the guidance. The MA is also grateful to the School of Law, University of Hertfordshire for its publishing support.

Nicola Stell, chairman of the MA’s Sentencing Policy and Practice Committee said ‘These offences are serious and magistrates are keen to play their part in effective punishment and deterrence, as well as in encouraging restoration of damage where that is possible. As magistrates deal with relatively few such offences this guidance will be of great assistance to the courts in arriving at sentences that are just and appropriate.

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