Splendour is our first 2011 Greener Festival Award Winner!

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Splendour is our first 2011 Greener Festival Award Winner!

Australia’s Splendour In the Grass is the first winner of our coveted A Greener Festival award for the  2010/2011 festival season. Moving from their previous home of Belongil Fields, to Woodfordia-Woodford Folks Festivals beautiful site – albeit for a temporary time before they make their way over to a site to call their own. Walking through the site it’s easy to see why they chose this spot; with plenty of native woodland and happy-go-lucky fauna including resident kangeroos, owls and bats the site has given plenty of thought to blending in with the natural habitat. A state of the art water purification plant is in action and contributes to the excellent score received for water management.The environmental event management paperwork is outstanding and it is obvious that much thought has been given to initiatives such as the ‘tie a ribbon on a tree’ pledge to tree planting and the helpful eco-cops, uniformed warriors upholding the green peace. Environmental campaign groups are welcomed on site and enable the awareness raising process to start when the happy punters wander around the delectable nooks and crannies of a well-chosen site. SITG’s initiatives include:

· 8,427 carbon offset tickets purchased by festival attendees (more than 26% of attendees) who offset 875 tonnes of carbon emissions through the investment of $25,008 in renewable wind energy generation. Splendour in the Grass also invested $10,718 in renewable wind energy generation to offset more than 480 tonnes of emissions generated from hosting the event.

· 16 undergraduate environmental science students from the University of Sunshine Coast proudly donned the Eco Cops uniform to engage with and provide information to SITG punters. They handed out over 4,500 bin-ya-butts during the course of the festival

· Over 4,500 campsite recycling bins made from recycled cardboard were distributed to campers which helped to reduce the amount of waste being directed to landfill

· The above programs were supported by SITG’s Environment Policy, CO2 Emissions Policy, Procurement Policy, Turn Off and Save Policy and our Environmental Charities Policy.


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