Sunrise plans low impact 2011

//Sunrise plans low impact 2011

Sunrise plans low impact 2011

Plans for transition to a greener more holistic future are underway with Sunrise Celebration and its sister event- Off Grid. Since its debut over summer solstice in 2006, Sunrise has been running on 100% renewable energy and introducing exciting new low impact policies and technologies.  Off Grid is four days of essential practical information on sustainable living, Off Grid can be described as a transition gathering more than a festival, where many groups in the south west converge, including experts on eco building and living, community activists, transition-towners, green families, holistic practitioners, permaculturalists and anyone who wants to live a little more in tune with the planet. Amongst esoteric and spiritual talks and debates in 2010, was a whirlwind of practical knowledge and workshops including The Off-Grid College, hosted in The Tin Village Transition Towns space, a 12 module course covering: Micro-Renewables  / LED Lighting and Energy Efficient Home Technology / Giving To The Grid / 12 volt systems / Eco-Construction / Water Harvesting & Recycling / Low Impact Planning and Land Rights / Legal advice / No Dig Gardening / Wild Food & Medicine Foraging / Composting / Bender Building / Bowtop Wagon Making / Blacksmithing  / Hurdle-Making / Rocket-Stove Making / Wood Carving / Raku Pottery / Renewable Technologies / Hot tub building / Earth Oven/Cob Building

Initiatives towards sustainability at the actual event are rife; apart from being 100% renewably powered, a guided bike ride from Bristol and lift-share websites are promoted through its many channels, and public transport heavily encouraged with direct biofuel buses from London and Bristol and a bus service from Bruton station. An ethical fashion show highlights issues such as the environmental devastation of the cotton trade, the drive down in prices leading to a throwaway consumer culture and the part played by the fashion industry in image devaluation. Stall holders are obliged to keep waste down and there is a site-wide organic food and alcohol policy, plus the most on-it recycling team you have ever seen, as well as award-winning compost loos! Good luck ever seeing congregations of litter to the side of the path or a single tent abandoned in the campsite (it really works!).

Sunrise Celebration is a CIC non-profit Community Interest Company. Efestivals described the  Sunrise Celebration 2010 as “Practically perfect in every way… With such a positive happy environment the possibilities are endless. Congratulations Sunrise you are perfection!”

A very limited number of pre-sale tickets for Sunrise 2011 are now on sale for the discount price of £75, giving a massive saving of £40 on the gate price to anyone prepared to buy early

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