Save the UK’s forests

//Save the UK’s forests

Save the UK’s forests

The UK government is planning a massive sell off of  national forests. They could be auctioned and fenced off, run down, logged or turned into golf courses and holiday villages.  The government of course say this won’t happen BUT I think we all know that the lack of attention to detail in legislation will mean that we will have yet another law of ‘unintended consequences’ – and yes, lose our forests. This is especially tragic if we lose ancient forests and unique habitats. We can’t let that happen. We need to stop these plans. National treasures like the The Forest of Dean, Sherwood Forest and The New Forest could be sold off. Once they are gone, they will be lost forever.

A huge petition will force the government to rethink its plans. If we can prove how strongly the public are against this, they will have to back down. Please sign the petition now – you can find it here at


Do more: Find out how you can do more at the Save Our Forests Action Centre

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