A message from the SUNRISE CELEBRATION

//A message from the SUNRISE CELEBRATION

A message from the SUNRISE CELEBRATION

Sunrise is the UKs leading Sustainable Arts and Music Festival. Everything that happens in the planning and delivery of Sunrise aims to achieve best possible practice in terms of ethics and environment. Our aim is to walk the talk, and be a forum for this generation of social and environmental solutions, as well as being a vibrant, dynamic, foot-stompingly fantastic medley of music and joy.

We believe we have the most comprehensive green policy and strategy of all music festivals in the UK, and we aim to keep Sunrise in the front line of the debate.

We believe in the importance of sustainable community, of living in harmony with the planet, in being low-impact and walking lightly upon the earth. We also believe that its possible to celebrate without compromising our values.

Our philosophy is to remain open to the prevalent issues of the day, whether these be climate change, peak oil or human population limits, without holding dogmatically to any of them.

We choose to be ‘green’ not because we are told that there is too much carbon in our atmosphere, but because we believe in living in harmony with the Earth and all things upon it, in as sustainable and low-impact a manner as possible.

Hopefully, these principles shine out in the way we produce and present the events we provide.

2011 Line up includes Lamb, The beat, System 7, The Orb Soundsystem, Shpongle Dj set, Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit, Babyhead, The Correspondents, The travelling Band, Banco de Gaia, Eat Static, Seize The Day, Far Too Loud and many many more.

For more info, please visit: www.sunrisecelebration.com and www.facebook.com/sunrisefesti    xxx

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