Treetop Flyers top Glastonbury Emerging Talent 2011

//Treetop Flyers top Glastonbury Emerging Talent 2011

Treetop Flyers top Glastonbury Emerging Talent 2011

Treetop Flyers with Michael Eavis

Five piece London based folk rock/country blues outfit Treetop Flyers have won the prestigious Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition 2011 in a hard fought battle that saw them secure a main stage slot at the 2011 Festival. Other finalists were Emily & The Woods, J-Treole, My First Tooth, My Tiger My Timing, Tristram, Twin Brother and Louise & The Pins. The two day finals event also saw performances from four ‘judges selections’ who were Subsource, L.A.C, Kamal Arafa & the Moonlight Band and Freddie Dickson. Promoter Michael Eavis promised that a number of the runner up bands would get bookings on different stages accross the Festival and A Greener Festival have promised that some of the bands – and there were some GREAT bands this year – would appear on their 2011 ‘Festivals Harvest’ CD which is sponsored by DMS.

Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition attracted more than 7,500 entries and the initial long list was made by a team of 40 music bloggers who listened to every entry. The event was streamed live on (there are some photos there too) and judges on the night included agent Angus Baskerville, Glastonbury Acoustic Stage booker and agent Paul Charles, Glastonbury Dance Village programmer Malcolm Haynes, West Holts Stage programmer Steve Symons, Glastonbury Music Booking co-ordinator Nick Dewey, Guardian journalist Chris Salmon, BBC Radio producer Phillipa Aylott and Festival organisers Emily Eavis and Michael Eavis. More at

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