The Sustainable Events Alliance

//The Sustainable Events Alliance

The Sustainable Events Alliance

The Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA) is an association and professional guild at the intersection of sustainability and event management. Its vision is to unite event professionals and work together towards increased attention to and knowledge of sustainability in event management. SEA’s mission is to:

 1. Provide a knowledge bank for events practitioners through the SEA website.

2. Offer a portal for networking and discussion around sustainable event management.

3. Communicate and create a commonality of best practice in sustainable event management across all industry sectors and the supply chain.

4. Accredit event sustainability professionals – managers, consultants, auditors, trainers and sector specialists – setting knowledge benchmarks for competency and expertise.

4. To spread the desire to reduce impacts of event’s production.

5. To open up opportunities for innovation of sustainable production solutions within the industry.

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