Eco-lites up the Pilton Party

//Eco-lites up the Pilton Party

Eco-lites up the Pilton Party

The annual Pilton Party, held in September at Worthy Farm as a big “thank you”  from the Glastonbury Festival to crew, staff, supporters, suppliers and local residents, was lit for the first time by  the amazing ‘ecolitrs’ – which Glastonbury say will become Festival standard issue next year. You can see the lights in the Mandy Briggs film from the Party here which featured headliners Plan B along with The Treetop Flyers (who won the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition), Hot Rats and Magnus Puto.

20 Ecolite lighting towers were deployed at the Party but the Festival itself  currently has 175 lighting towers to illuminate car parks, camp sites and surrounding roads for the 5 day event using more than 16,000 litres of fuel. The Ecolite is approximately 75% more efficient than a traditional 1,000W lighting tower and will be equipped with dusk to dawn auto switching meaning that the lights will switch themselves on when it starts to get dark and turn themselves off again when it starts to get light. In addition to these savings the Ecolite can be run from another generator (using only 600W) or can be connected together running up to four additional slave lights from one unit.

In total it is calculated that by switching all 175 towers to Ecolite, Glastonbury would reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 63 tonnes. It would also mean that no refuelling would be required throughout the festival due to the 170 hour run time from a single tank cutting labour costs, additional transport costs and emissions.

Another benefit that has attracted Glastonbury to the Ecolite is the quite running generator that operates at only 83-86dBa LWA depending on specification, making it the quietest lighting tower in the world. Light pollution is also reduced by focusing the light through a patented prismatic lens meaning 80% of the light generated is focused on the desired area.



Mandy Briggs’s short film is here

And more on Ecolites here


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