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Stew Denny has just written a great new article  for us titled  “Sustainable water management for music festivals – The Basics” and this is up on the Information pages here (under water – obviously!). The pages come from Stew’s final year dissertation at Bucks New University and for those of you who want some handy tips, this is what Stew advises:

– Plan your water use! Its an important part of planning for outdoor events.

– Categorise your water – is it clear, blue, grey or black water? You need to know.

– Make sure you know what the law says – and always respect public health and safety

– Know your event, know your audience and get a weather forecast – hot weather means increased demand!

– Make sure your environmental policy and sustainability aims are known to everyone involved in the event – and let the audience know too!

 – Dont use twist taps which can be left running – used closed taps (taps you have to push down) or other water saving taps and devices such as nipples for hand washing

– Check for leaks and have constant water pressure on-site

– Avoid bottled water! Giving out one free bottle of water on entry and having water available on site is far far better

– Hand santisers can save on water use – but make sure the soap is biodegradable and non-polluting

– If you have showers, fit 2 minute timers. Its a festival, not a spa break – this cuts down queues too!

– Flushing loos are wasteful – but grey water can be used (but take expert advice on this)

– Compost toilets are usually GREAT and have a usable end product

– Manage grey water – but beware of legislation and the limits on uses

– Can you harvest and treat rainwater? You then get blue water – its a higher grade than grey water, has more uses and is more environmentally friendly

See more at http://www.agreenerfestival.com/blog/?p=2692 and on the Information pages here http://www.agreenerfestival.com/water.html

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