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AEG is planning to build a ‘carbon neutral’ stadium in Los Angeles. The $1.2 billion venue in Farmers Field, close to AEG’s Staples Center, which AEG say will be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable stadium in the World and AEG CEO Tim Leiweke said that the company had “focussed during the last four years on working with some of the most respected environmental organisations in the country to create a blueprint for the stadium”. Former President Bill Clinton praised AEG for their “mission to marry design, innovation, social responsibility and community engagement, resulting in a measurable impact for future generations”.

Festival Loo, the specialist in environmental sanitation at events, is launching a new liquid waste treatment plant for the 2012 season. The new plant uses bacteria which can eat up to 225,000 litres of human waste from toilets, showers and catering every 24 hours. The unit, which is bio-diesel powered, reduces waste to a 5% sludge that can be used to fertilise farm fields, and 95% water that can be discharged into local water courses. The unit substantially reduces waste management costs and waste haulage costs.

Event organisers are being warned to make sure they are prepared for the ban on organic waste going to landfill in the UK within the next two years. Kevin Brewer, from Grundon Waste Management, interviewed in AAA, comments “the biggest issue from a collection point of view is contamination of the waste stream with food. There is a need to educate the public when they dispose of it” warning the organisers will have to work hard to separate organic waste from recyclables and other waste.

Folkert Koopmans, boss at European promoters FKP Scorpio, has said that in 2012 the Southside Festival will provide free public transport across Germany within the price of the ticket saying that the company already had trialled the scheme at Chiemsee Summer Reggae Festival and that they planned to roll the concept our accross all of FKP Scorpio’s festivals in Germany.

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