How safe is your food?

//How safe is your food?

How safe is your food?

More research fro the USA shows the most contaminated foods – and the cleanest. Top of  the list with pesticide loads are apples with some  98 percent of conventional apples having detectable levels of pesticides. The results are based on analysis of pesticide residue testing data from the US Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration. Seventy-eight different pesticides were found on lettuce samples, Every single nectarine the USDA tested had measurable pesticide residues and as a category, grapes have more types of pesticides than any other fruit, with 64 different chemicals.

Dirty Dozen: in order of pesticide load (apples being the worst offenders).

1. Apples
2. Celery
3. Sweet bell peppers
4. Peaches
5. Strawberries
6. Imported nectarines
7. Grapes
8. Spinach
9. Lettuce
10. Cucumbers
11. Domestic blueberries
12. Potatoes

Clean Fifteen: these options are less contaminated and don’t pose as much of a health threat as do the dozen above.

1. Onions
2. Sweet corn
3. Pineapples
4. Avocado
5. Cabbage
6. Sweet peas
7. Asparagus
8. Mangoes
9. Eggplant
10. Kiwi
11. Domestic cantaloupe
12. Sweet potatoes
13. Grapefruit
14. Watermelon
15. Mushrooms


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