Hei vihreä ihmiset! (hello green people!)

//Hei vihreä ihmiset! (hello green people!)

Hei vihreä ihmiset! (hello green people!)

Luke is back from Ilosaarirock in Finland and by all accounts had a fabulous time and was impressed by Ilosaarirock’s green efforts. He even managed to squeeze in an interview with YLE (the Finnish state broadcaster) which you can find here:  http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1617039/  – its mostly in Finnish – but Luke is in English – and either way its a great piece and well worth a watch – the section on A Greener Festival starts at 3:40ish and includes an interview with the lovely Katri Kilpiä who looks after all things green at the Festival.

There’s also an article online – again featuring our lovely Luke – and http://yle.fi/uutiset/festarit_haluavat_vihreiksi_-_ilosaarirock_edellakavija/6218537 – explaining that  Ilosaarirock are looking to sec ure the Greener Festival Award for the second year running – they were the first Finnish festival to get the award in 2011 – and Luke was assessing the festival’s environmental efforts as well as explaining that festivals are a great place to let the public know about green innovations – and festivals could swap ideas to improve environmental performances around the world.

Ilosaarirock has an active environmental for a number of years now and the festival recycles extensively (paper, carboard, metals and organic waste) and has an ethical purchasing policy: Transport has been rationalized and the event now measures its carbon dioxide emissions.  Ilosaarirock have a offset scheme  to help protect the endangered  Great Crested Newt in North Karelia (which raised over E3000 last year), they have planted a new  ‘Pop Forest’, and are now supporting Kuorinki Lake. And being green is clearly visible at  Ilosaarirock! Producer Justin Kilpiä said the recognition from A Greener Festival is used in advertising and bring a real momentum to music fans engaging in protecting the environmental and conservation.

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