GreenShoot launches new Legacy guide

//GreenShoot launches new Legacy guide

GreenShoot launches new Legacy guide

GreenShoot Pacific have launched a new free downloadable guide on Event Legacy. GreenShoot say that ‘Legacy’ has been identified as an essential aspect in sustainability performance for the event industry “especially in the role our industry plays in supporting sustainable development. Events are an important touch-point between sustainability, demonstrating it in action at our events, and the enduring legacies left with our event attendees and broader stakeholders.”

Here are GreenShoot Pacific’s Top Twelve Event Legacies:

1.       Eat Sustainable Food

2.      Conserve Energy

3.      Use Renewable Energy

4.      Use Public Transport, Walk/Cycle

5.      Offset Air Travel GHGs

6.      Be Waterwise

7.      Reduce Waste

8.      Divert Waste

9.      Go Bottled Water-Free

10.    Buy Sustainable Stuff

11.     Knowledge and Skills Transfer

12.     Support Campaigns 

You can download this free guide.  Please note you need to click through, and whilst you don’t need to register, you do need to give an email address and agree to the terms and  its not quite a simple as it should be – but you WILL get an email – and then you can access the download page. Go to

You may also be interested in downloading the free Short Guide to ISO 20121, which will help you to understand how to implement this new international standard.

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