Waste Not, Want Not ?

//Waste Not, Want Not ?

Waste Not, Want Not ?

Some British recycling statistics for you …… which don’t make for great reading!

The UK recycles 17.7% of its waste – Norway manages 40%, Netherlands 46%, Germany 48%, Austria 49.7% and Switzerland 52%.

50% of local authority collected waste goes to landfill – the EU average is 40%.

40% of household waste was recycled in England in 2010/2011. The average waste per person has fallen 88Kg since 2006 – to 263Kg per person per year in 2011.

Each year the UK generates 290 million tonnes of waste. In 2012 nearly 140 million tonnes of waste went to regulated facilities – 45.9M tonnes went to landfill, 41.4M tonnes were moved before disposal, 32.2M tonnes were treated. 14.7 M tonnes were recycled, 5.9M tonnes were incinerated. ┬áThere was a less than 2% reduction in waste to landfill between 2009 and 2010.

5.3M tonnes of food and drink waste went to landfill last year. What a waste!

23% of “renewable” energy comes from burning waste.

Recycling paper saves 70% energy and 40% water compared to manufacturing paper.

About 2 billion steel cans are recycled in Britain every year.

It takes 1000 (yes, ONE THOUSAND) years for a plastic bag to completely degrade.


Sources: Environment Agency / SITA UK / Defra


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