ELX programme announced with sustainability, safety and technology on the agenda

//ELX programme announced with sustainability, safety and technology on the agenda

ELX programme announced with sustainability, safety and technology on the agenda

The Event Live Expo (ELX) will be hosting its 3rd annual event in Los Angeles, CA on February 5-7, 2013 as part of Live Music Industry Week. ELX is a free event attracting industry leaders from around the world to participate in panels, networking sessions, and educational seminars that explore the cutting edge techniques and tools currently shaping the live event and festival business. From grassroots arts festivals to big-budget live events, ELX showcases a vast array of panels and booths geared towards helping industry professionals create quality events. And special to Event Live Expo’s 2013 event, the Event Safety Alliance has confirmed its plans to unveil excerpts from its upcoming American edition – a guide featuring the best practices in the event production industry.

As part of Live Music Industry Week, the Event Live Expo occurs simultaneously with two concert industry trade staples, the AEG Expo and Pollstar Live! Capping the week is the 55th annual Grammy Awards. The initiative to share one set of dates and a common venue between ELX, AEG and Pollstar Live! generates a powerhouse of information, networking, and business-to-business opportunities for the live-entertainment industry. The participation of these live-event industry leaders creates a unified destination where venue owners, production teams, event planners, promoters, designers, concert touring professionals, and industry visionaries can come together under one roof.

This year, the Event Live Expo will focus on a different topic each day of the summit. Tuesday, February 5th is dedicated to sustainability, Wednesday, February 6th examines safety and security, and Thursday, February 7th explores technology with a special emphasis on creating a unique event.  Speakers on sustainability include Jennifer Regan, Global Sustainability Director at AEG, Dr Jesse Baker, Co-Founder, Ecofficiency.org, Josh Mark, Director of Sustainability, FOX Broadcasting Company, Michael Kaliski, Founder & CEO, Good Planet Media, Richard Byford, Eric Ritz, Director of Global Inheritance, Jennifer Pickering (Leaf), Erika Reney, Director of Communications & CSR, Insomniac Events, Richard Walden, President & CEO, Operation USA, Kevin Rowell, Founder, The Natural Builders and the panel on artist and promoter’s responsibilities includes J. Niland (HUKA Entertainment) Lorrie Boula (Manager, Z-Trips) and J Brave (MC, Luminaries) .

Unique to the 2013 Event Live Expo is the debut of a North American version of the Event Safety Guide. Also known as The Purple Guide, the Event Safety Guide is a 33-chapter publication first published in 1999 and now widely used in the UK. Topics covered include planning and management as well as more specific subjects such as electrical installation, sanitation, structures, and other vital event safety issues for all productions. The Event Safety Alliance is comprised of some of the most highly respected leaders in event production, as well as Event Live Expo exhibitors,  including Matt Bettenhausen (Vice President of AEG Worldwide), John Brown (CEO of Brown United Staging), Steve MacFadyen (Production Manager for Pollstar), Tim Roberts (TESS), Harold Hansen (IAVM-AVSS Academy), Roger Sandau (Doodson Insurance), Dave Lester (Clair), and production managers Ron Stern, Charlie Hernandez, Hadden Hipsley, and John Conk. Jim Digby, the Executive Director of the ESA opens Day 2 and speakers include Tim Roberts (The Event Safety Shop), Steve Lemon (Production Manger, Steve Lemon & Associates), Harold Hansen (Director, Life Safety & Security International Association of Venue Managers), Ken Keberle (Director, Quality, Safety and Compliance,Karl’s Event Services), Mike Eilts (President & CEO Weather Decision Technologies), David Olive ( Senior Vice President, Entertainment Risk Management, Momentous Insurance Brokerage Inc),  Scott Carroll (Executive Vice President, Take1 Insurance Company), Joseph Pred (Emergency Services Operations Chief, Risk Management Officer, Burning Man), Ron Shirley (Vice President, Live Entertainment, CAPS Universal Payroll), Luis Cuadrado (Managing Director, Music & Entertainment, Robertson Taylor Insurance), Steven A. Adelman (Attorney, Adelman Law Group), Scott G Nacheman (Vice President,Thornton Tomasetti) and Dr Don Cooper a retired  Ohio State Fire Marshal.

Over 4,000 senior industry professionals attended these events independently in 2012, and next year promises an even greater turnout. The expo is free to all attendees who pre-register for entry passes online, or register for Pollstar Live! 2013.

For more information on Event Live Expo, visit http://www.eventlive-expo.com/

To register for a free visitor pass to the Event Live Expo, visit www.eventlive-expo.com/register


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