Powerful Thinking has launched the Know Your Power monitoring project 2013

//Powerful Thinking has launched the Know Your Power monitoring project 2013

Powerful Thinking has launched the Know Your Power monitoring project 2013

Know_Your_PowerJulies Bicycle, DeMontfort University, the Environmental Change Institute (ECI, Oxford University), and Midas UK have teamed up through Powerful Thinking to offer festival organisers the opportunity to become involved with an important research project about energy saving in the events sector. By being part of this project festivals can take advantage of significant discounts on cutting edge monitoring equipment, receive FREE expert advice on how to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

What is it?

Festivals hire the latest monitoring equipment from Midas at significantly discounted rates. In additional to the normal energy report, they receive expert advise and recommendations on how to reduce demand, reduce fuel bills and reduce emissions.

Why do it?

Our research suggests generators are often oversized. By monitoring power clients will be able to understand better how power is being managed and identify changes to reduce costs and carbon emissions. Research suggests you could save a minimum 10% on your fuel bill.

Power is a significant cost to events, and fuel prices are set to rise by an average of 14% per year. In many other areas of life, being aware of energy consumption is becoming normal. This is not the case for the festival industry, and the Powerful Thinking campaign aims to provide the information support and resources to help the industry to realize a smarter approach to energy.

And in the words of Chris Johnson, Chair, Powerful Thinking and Shambala Festival Director: “To reduce emissions and fuel bills, we need to get more savvy about how we are managing energy – the first step is monitoring, so we know where we’re are starting from.”

Powerful Thinking is a music industry tPT_logohink-do tank tackling energy sustainability in the events sector. Founder members of Powerful Thinking include: Julie’s Bicycle, Shambala Festival, Kambe Events Ltd, Bestival, The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF), Bestival, Festival Republic, A Greener Festival, and Firefly Solar.

Link to online information pack:  http://www.juliesbicycle.com/media/campaigns/powerfulthinking/Know_your_Power_2013_Info.pdf

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