Sunrise look to crowdfunding for streaming!

//Sunrise look to crowdfunding for streaming!

Sunrise look to crowdfunding for streaming!

sunriseOur friends at Sunrise are raising £1500 to fund live streaming at the 2013 Sunrise Festival

Sunrise say “Another World is home to the first ever festival micronation We are crowdfunding £1500 to be able to stream the event LIVE around the world for even greater participation, so if you can’t join us at the festival you can still enjoy the experience. Join the world’s first Festival Micronation!


Hot on the heels of launching the Sunrise Micronation in Frome – a free independent state independent of world governments –  the Sunrise Embassy now unveils  the “mystery” site for their new Sunrise: Another World festival (3oth May-2nd June) – Thoulstone Park, their new lush and verdant homeland nestled amongst  the beautiful rolling hills of Wiltshire. 

Amid this stunning natural wilderness, the new Sunrise Micronation – a beacon for a Utopian world of ethical principles and harmonious living – begins the journey to become the world’s first Sustainability Superpower.”

Daniel Hurring, co-founder of Sunrise Another World (the new incarnation of Sunrise Celebration festival) and the Sunrise Micronation, explains:  

Our independent state aims to be offer an alternative view of life, an antidote to austerity, and keys to happiness, sustainable futures and harmonious communities.  From our new homeland in the stunning surrounds of Thoulstone Park, we aim to create a progressive vision of the future, of society and community. One that is not just functional, but beautiful, not just sustainable, but abundant and flourishing, not just stable but healthy and whole.  We invite you to join our community, to come on the journey, share the adventure in our Sunrise Micronation.  Your thoughts, needs, desires and wishes will form the basis of our nation. Help us to create the future you want for your children, their children and the generations beyond.

“This serious vision aside, Sunrise – as ever – will be a wild jamboree and celebration, a place to forget your woes, dance the night away, be inspired, and share skills, stories and smiles. We believe that every life should be filled with riotous joy, and this more than anything is what this adventure is all about.”


We are seeking crowdfunding to help us become a truly global micronation, and to get started we need £1500 to help us stream the event LIVE around the world. This means anyone will be able to tune in and take part in our glorious festival even if they are not able to attend in person. Please help us by pledging your support and enjoy the range of benefits on offer to you!” 


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