Nouvelle Prague festival and conference – panels and performers announced!

//Nouvelle Prague festival and conference – panels and performers announced!

Nouvelle Prague festival and conference – panels and performers announced!

FESTIVAL_AJ-940x415The Nouvelle Prague festival  and conference  is a new showcase event in Prague – the first ever in the Czech Republic.

Nouvelle Prague is held on November 1st and 2nd in the Staropramen Brewery in the heart of Prague.
With its central European location, terrific flight connections and amazing  history, Prague is an ideal location for a boutique, exclusive and targeted showcase event!

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FRIDAY 1/11 2013

Crossing borders, fundraising, branding, sponsorship and other forms of music event support
Until recently the entire music industry was based primarily on record sales. The bands used to tour in order to promote their albums. Today, the classic record market is gone. Bands record albums to make sure they have something to tour with. From the point of view of the promoters, it seems the bands are greedier and greedier every day. What other sources of income are there for a venue apart from ticket sales? How can the artists or promoters use them? What funds are there to support live music in the government, regions, town halls…? What is the role of music export agencies in different countries? When can you expect a support from the corporate sphere? How can bands get access to home and international markets?
Shain Shapiro (Sound Diplomacy, Canada – UK)
Adam Lewis (Planetary Group, USA)
Jonas Vebner (Norway Export Office)
Marta Smolíková (Pro Culture, CZ)
Josef Havelka (Česká spořitelna, CZ)
Vojta Kalina (Pipes and Pints, CZ)

And playing live will be

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose (UK)
Dorine Levy (ISR)
Little Suns (CAN)
City of Glass (CAN)
Jeremy Loops (RSA)



SATURDAY 2/11 2013

10:00 – 11:00
Booking ring
Is booking a band only a question of money? Or does booking involve any secrets invisible to naked eye? Is Eastern and Central Europe still considered an emerging market? What is the current state of booking business in Europe?
Christof Huber (asociace Yourope, Open Air St. Gallen, Switzerland)
Martin Elbourne (Glastonbury Festival, UK)
Angus Baskerville (13 Artists, UK)
Julia Gudzent (Melt! Festival)
Michal Kaščák (Pohoda Festival, SK)

Sustainable music events
Running a sustainable event is another current requirement. There is a rapid growth of expenses festivals have to invest in cleaning up their sites. If you care about green riders, using energy from renewable sources to power your event, waste management plans or other green issues, you should not miss this panel.
Fruzsina Szep (Sziget, Hungary)
Claire O’Neill (Greener Festival, UK)
Ben Challis (Glastonbury, UK)
Štěpán Suchochleb (Rock for People, CZ)

Julia Gudzent (Melt Festival DE)

Current music media, streaming – and going digital?
Should you stream your festival live? Do the fans actually want go to concerts or do they just want to sit in front of a computer? What is a fair-for-all price for an album download? Do printed music media have any future or are we just going to stare into our computer screens to get the latest music news? A panel dedicated to new technologies and trends in the music world. What is (or may be) the future of music media? Which of the footpaths are soon to become the new highways and which shall be dead end streets?
Jana Grygarová (Full Moon, CZ)
Chris Cooke (CMU, UK)
Michal Novák (, CZ)
Luděk Motyčka (Google, CZ)

All panels subject to final confirmation

and playing live will be

Dilated Peoples

Dilated Peoples

Dilated Peoples (USA)
Technical Kidman (CAN)
Local Foreigners (NZ/SAE/UK)
Neon Windbreaker (CAN)
Money for Rope (AUS)

Nouvelle Prague takes place in the fabulous premises of the famous Staropramen brewery in
Prague´s Smichov district. The live shows will take place in two venues: the afternoon showcase
programme will be held at the Phenomen Club in the basement of the brewery and the evening
concerts will be in the brewery courtyard, under a large heated tent to keep out the winter chill.

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