Please tell eBay to respect the bees

//Please tell eBay to respect the bees

Please tell eBay to respect the bees

short haired bumblebeeRemember the bee-killer pesticides which hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members  helped to get banned across Europe?

Turns out, they’re available for sale on eBay.

Two days ago, the charity Buglife told the 38 Degrees office team that the bee-killer pesticides were for sale in the eBay marketplace. It took just three hours and 3,380 38 Degrees members emailing eBay to get the pesticides taken down.

Today, Buglife called again – the bee-killer pesticides are back up. It’s a classic wheeze: wait until the fuss has died down, then get back to business as usual.

Bad luck eBay, you’ve been  noticed.

38 degreesClick here to write to eBay and tell them to take these banned pesticides off their site for good – and change their policies to make sure they never go up again.

eBay are hugely proud of their reputation as a safe, trusted marketplace. They even have rules which, in theory, should stop illegal products going up for sale.

So these illegal pesticides break their own rules AND the European ban. And on top of that, the fact that they’re quietly back up for sale again two days after eBay ‘took them down’ is just infuriating.

Emailing eBay in our thousands worked on Wednesday. Now let’s do it again – but let’s make sure this time that they fix their broken policies and stop selling illegal bee-killer pesticides once and for all.

Click here to email eBay:

For our bees,

Susannah, Maddy, Robin and the 38 Degrees team


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