Love Saves the Day and Protects the Environment

//Love Saves the Day and Protects the Environment

Love Saves the Day and Protects the Environment

Love saves the dayLoves Saves The Day will be the first Bristol music festival to implement a reusable cup system – which is expected to save 360 000 plastic cups going to landfill over the next three years.

All draft beers and ciders will be served in the plastic cups over the festival – which will be held at Eastville Park on May 23rd and 24th. The cups can be re-used over 100 times when compared to a standard plastic cup. A non-refundable deposit of £1 will be charged for each cup and the revenue generated from this project will fund further sustainability projects.

Tom Paine, Festival Director, says: “Love Saves The Day is adopting a ‘re-use is better than recycle’ approach to viable areas of the events production. We need to start treating plastic as a reusable material rather than a disposable commodity.”

The introduction of resuable cups forms part of Love Saves The Day’s sustainability policy. The festival’s goal is to have a positive impact; providing inspirational entertainment, managing relationships with integrity, minimizing the environmental impacts associated with the festival, adding value to the local area where possible and creating new opportunities for people involved with the event.

Furthermore, to reduce carbon emissions, there are plans to highlight key cycling routes in the city as well as encourage more people to cycle to the festival. Use of public transport is going to be promoted as Love Saves The Day are working with First Group. Energy and waste are going to be carefully managed to ensure maximum efficiency and recycling.

As one of Bristol’s biggest festivals, Love Saves The Day is contributing to Bristol being a healthier and happier city – the UK’s first Green Capital.

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