The Show Must Go On – sustainably please

//The Show Must Go On – sustainably please

The Show Must Go On – sustainably please

The Show MustgoonNov26thPowerful Thinking’s recent report, The Show Must Go On, was conceived as a festival industry response to the Paris climate change talks in 2015 and was launched at the UK Festival Awards in November. The report brings together all known UK research and analyses the most comprehensive datasets available on the environmental impact of festivals. The report aims to:

  • Outline the environmental impacts of the festival industry in an accessible format.
  • Provide a robust basis for an industry-wide approach to reducing environmental impacts.
  • Promote action through the Festival Vision:2025 Pledge – A commitment from music festivals to meet the UK national target of a 50% reduction in green house gas emissions by 2025.

Download a PDF of The Show Must Go On report HERE.
Find out more about the Festival Vision: 2025 Pledge and sign up HERE.

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