A Greener Festival Awards

What Is It?

Since 2007, the AGF Award Scheme has assessed and certified hundreds festivals, events and venues worldwide; providing independent audit and verification, and helping to improving resource efficiency, environmental impact and to ultimately become more sustainable.

How Does It Work?

  • Any festival, event or venue can Apply
  • Submit your Sustainability Policy (help available if needed)
  • Complete the Self Assessment
  • Qualified AGF Assessors visit your site or event
  • Post event you provide further information and evidence
  • Next, receive your Score and Feedback
  • The AGF Awards are annual, with the aim to continue improvements year on year
  • Awards are presented at Industry events throughout the year, and promoted through international media

Why Do It?

  • Get recognition for your organisation and team and increase motivation.
  • Independent verification of sustainability claims that is globally recognised.
  • Receive guidance to make improvements, benchmarking and targets
  • Identify opportunities for resource efficiency and hence cost savings.
  • Join and share with the international community of greener events and venues
  • Extra motivation to help get even the least engaged person on board
  • Help accelerate change and spread good ideas by sharing actions and challenges.
  • Gain international promotion of your event, venue or organisation through the award scheme
  • Efficient and economical opportunity to tap in to over a decade of experience and broad perspective of the current best practice for a greener events industry.
  • Any sensitive or commercial information and data submitted to AGF by any applicant is treated as strictly confidential.

What Are We Looking For?

Depending upon the type of event or venue, we assess events and venue in the following categories:

  1. Local Ecosystem
  2. Local Area Impact
  3. Travel & Transport
  4. Power & Electricity
  5. Procurement
  6. Solid Waste & Recycling
  7. Water Usage, Waste Water & Sewage
  8. Legal Compliance & Management Systems
  9. Behavioural Change & Communication
  10. CO2 Analysis

What Does It Cost?

Due to the variety of event types, scales and locations that we assess it is necessary to get in touch for a precise quote to match your circumstances.

As an indicator costs begin as follows:

(All prices exclude VAT)

Assessment & Award Entry (+ 2 Assessors travel & accommodation):£375€475$525US
Optional Feedback Report (First time applicant):£500€600$700US
Feedback Report (Repeat Applicant):£350€400$450US
CO2 Analysis Report:£750€850$950US

Mobile/tablet users, tap and swipe to the left and right on the table above to view it.

Award Entry Includes:

  • An on-site assessment from trained AGF assessors

  • Access to the self-assessment and support in it’s completion

  • Scores across the 11 areas of assessment, providing useful insight and benchmarks

  • The self-assessment provides guidance and a framework for your events Environmental Impact Assessment and management plan.

  • If successful in receiving the award, use of the winners logo, and inclusion in international media coverage.

  • All prices are excluding VAT.

  • Assessor travel, food & accommodation expenses should be covered by the festival or event in order to facilitate the site visit assessment, in addition to the assessment fee.

  • CO2 ANALYSIS is an additional service offered by AGF and can be quoted based upon your event specifics.