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Welcome Jamal Chalabi, AGF’s Head of A Greener Tour

A warm welcome to Jamal Chalabi, who joins the AGF Team as Head of A Greener Tour.  A passionate sustainability champion, Jamal is committed to change, mentoring and educating the next generation of industry professionals.

With 30 years of touring and production experience at all levels, and across every continent, Jamal has had the great privilege to work with amazing artists of all genres from all over the globe: from pioneers of Punk & Hip Hop to Rock legends and Mega DJs. As Tour & Production Manager at Backlash Productions, Jamal has worked with artists such as DJ Shadow, Pendulum, Bring Me The Horizon, Massive Attack, and James Bay.

Jamal is also Sustainability Facilitator for the UK’s Tour Production Group (TPG), where he aims to open up an industry-wide dialogue to raise awareness and to share guidance, tools and good practice for more sustainable touring.

Jamal and AGFs collaboration on the Bring Me The Horizon Tour has highlighted some of the incredible sustainability improvements that can be achieved when bands, promoters, venues and production teams work together to reduce the environmental impact of their Tours.

Jamal joins the AGF team to help more tours meet and exceed their sustainability ambitions.