A Greener Festival Accreditation

A Greener Festival is recognised around the world by the event and festival industry and academia for its work in helping events and festivals to reduce their environmental impact. 

Accreditation by A Greener Festival means that the course provides students with the level and depth of theory and knowledge required by environmental practitioners in the event industry both in the UK and internationally.

Who is it for?

Applications for accreditation are open to recognised education institutions and organisations providing education and training.

What does it do?

The accreditation process is designed to ensure that the curriculum reflects current knowledge and event industry practice, is updated on a regular basis to incorporate changes to theory and practice, that students have access to appropriate resources and opportunities and that teaching staff have appropriate expertise and qualifications in the field of study.

How Long does Accreditation last?

The accreditation is time-limited to a period of three years when a further review and the opportunity to renew accreditation will take place before the end of the accreditation period.


A Greener Festival will require the following for review:-

  • all relevant course content documentation
  • course structure and module content demonstrating how sustainability is embedded in the curriculum.
  • learning Outcomes and assessment methods
  • study resources available to students
  • course evaluation mechanisms and documentation.
  • CVs detailing currency and expertise of staff involved in course delivery

Following an internal review of the aspects set out below A Greener Festival will contact the organisation in question for any clarification necessary.

The organisation will be notified of the decision to grant accreditation or not together with feedback on each of the aspects

Monitoring Accredited Courses

Regular monitoring of academic standards is carried out through a review of assessment materials and student outcomes via the organisations’ exam boards or equivalent.

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