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Lauren Sharbel Fahry

Lauren started assessing with A Greener Festival in 2014. She was drawn not only as a way not only to attend festivals but to give something back, so to speak.
Unlike many of the senior assessors, she comes from the background of being an allied health professional, rather than environmental studies. However, she discovered a love for understanding exactly how things work and applying that knowledge to assist with ensuring that our assessments are thorough. She likes to make sure that we provide valuable information to evidence both excellence as well as areas for improvement. Funnily enough, it’s the direction that her healthcare career has also grown in! (Apparently skills learnt with AGF helped to land her most recent role!).
Her love for learning and need to understand everything past a superficial level with everything she does means that she never lose the drive or wonder when assessing the events that partner with us.

Since completing her AGF assessor Training in 2014 she has since gained a wealth of varied event experience, working  on festival assessments from Metal Days, Slovenia to Glastonbury Festival, UK.