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Sergio Merino

Sergio Merino is a founding member of ARCO Y FLECHA, and is in charge of the production and artists booking areas. His presence in the world of events dates back to 1987, when he began as an assistant at renowned production offices in Barcelona, until 1995, when the ARCO Y FLECHA office was set up. As for the concept of sustainability at events, he has formed from his work with the DGTL festival, which has won numerous awards and recognitions, such as The Green Operation Award, The International Greener Festival 2019, A Greener Festival Award 2018 and 2019, etc. and later he has delved into this issue by teaming up with Zap Concepts to address energy efficiency at festivals and has become an advisor with A Greener Festival “The Sustainability Specialists!

Assembling and disassembling a festival or event without leaving any mark beyond the fun of the audience is one of their greatest satisfactions.