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Pauline Lavagna

After 10 years as a lawyer at the Brussels Bar, Pauline turned to her more creative aspirations and embraced the world of music as an environmental consultant with Paradise City. The electronic music festival is a pioneer eco-responsible event in Belgium. In 2019, thanks to her dedication, Paradise City obtained its first “outstanding award” from AGF.

Within AGF’s organization, Pauline is a qualified senior assessor and consultant since 2016. She happily took the responsibility to be AGF Benelux representative in 2021, thus communicating with festivals and assessors in The Netherlands and in Belgium. She also runs Green Sight, her own sustainability consultancy company in Brussels and is not only active in the festival’s field but also for other big events, such as horse races. Within this framework, Pauline also provides training, the latest one being for musicians on how to improve the environmental footprint of touring.