Wicki Nielsen

Working for A Greener Festival provides Wicki with the opportunity to work with two of her own great personal passions – live music events and environmental sustainability. 

Wicki started her journey of working with A Greener Festival as a volunteer assessor back in 2010. Prior to this she had been working in the waste and recycling sector for 7 years, as well as studied music production, worked at, and performed as a DJ at many events and festivals – so was very familiar with the challenges of coupling great crowds with Earth friendly behaviour.

Since starting to work with AGF; Wicki has obtained a BSc in Environmental Management and an MSc in Sustainable Tropical Forestry. In addition to her engagement with AGF, she is also working as a freelance consultant and auditor within a variety of aspects related to sustainable resource use, including legality and chain of custody certification of timber and forest-based products and water stewardship.

Wicki is currently working with AGF as Senior Assessor as well as being involved in other aspects of the organisation, including project management of A Greener Arena assessments, training of new assessors, and the maintenance and updating of the normative documentation required to uphold the integrity of the AGF services.