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10 Highlights from ADE Green, the pioneering conference on sustainability in the music industry

10 Highlights from ADE Green Conference

ADE Green is one of the pioneering conferences on sustainability, innovation and social change in the music industry that happens every October during Amsterdam Dance Event. Is the day that brings together industry pioneers, sustainability experts and thought-provoking speakers from around the world to discuss and endeavour for the greener future of live events.

Our AGF team there have put together a breakdown of the 10 highlights of the day:

1. Innofest: Seven Innovations That Will Change The Industry Conference

 E-waste Arcades

At E-waste arcades they champion making recycling fun! What better way to do it than the creation of an arcade console that separates waste? A product that gamifies recycling so you and your kids sustain good recycling habits and a refreshing and creative way to market sustainability to future generations.


A lighter, faster and stronger tent that looks amazing and requires fewer materials. Tentsail patented a completely new and innovative build methodology to ensure their products are as sustainable as possible.

 Semilla Sanitation Hubs

These sanitation hubs are a closed wastewater treatment unit using advanced technologies to clean water and fertilisers.


At Ongeremd they commit to reducing the barriers to social interactions for people with and without (mobility) disabilities. They have created a wheelchair that has a built-in extension to be used as a seat, facilitating meaningful social connections for everyone who uses it.

Volta Energy

A mobile power station that runs via solar energy and can be used at off-grid locations. Volta’s mission to replace all fuel-powered generators at festivals will be bolstered by their effective panels and batteries.

Wildcard Winners: Giant Leaps

An ingenious impact measuring tool designed for festivals and restaurants to monitor and adjust their environmental impacts. Showing which products have the greatest sustainability effects, comparing your festival or catering business to others and measuring your progress.


Everywh2ere is a hydrogen-powered generator creating the power to energise festivals all over Europe in a climate-neutral way. 12 partners from 7 EU countries with the finest minds in the field of hydrogen created this product to provide a carbon-free alternative to electricity.


2. Plastic Promise: The Next Steps Towards Responsible Plastic Use

An initiative started by the events industry in Holland with the aim of limiting waste at festivals and events. The Plastic Promise takes waste challenges within events and encourages members of the events industry to pledge their support and cooperation. 

This year’s focus is on unavoidable plastic i.e. plastic cups. Festivals and the beverage industry have collaborated across the entire supply chain to create the, Never Give Up On Your Cup campaign. The program this year was an informative discussion from plastics expert Daniël Poolen, followed soon after by Heiniken, Friendly Fires, and Awakenings. Discussing, learning to create different circular cup systems, their results and findings.  

The Never Give Up On Your Cup Campaign


3. Frequent Flyers: Does DJ Culture Have To Rely On Airmiles?

How does flying to concerts impact your carbon footprint? Can international artists and travelling attendees make more environmentally minded travel decisions? Therefore could an eco-friendly travel stance be of benefit to artists and festival attendees? These and many more topics were explored and dissected resulting in a thorough examination of flight transportation and its intersection with the music events industry.     


4. Nature Needs Heroes Presented By Timberland

Musicians and producers divulged how nature acts as their muse, how it impacts, informs and guides their creativity. In this panel, artists explored philosophical questions, mulling over what it means to be truly connected to nature as an artist.


5.The Art Of Activism And The Activism Of Art

An exploration of how the ideals and motives within a creative process can be used as an accelerant for positive change. How does art become a movement of a large scale? What strategies have been proven successful? Can art activism empower audiences, the media and those in government?


6. Food Footprint powered by Rabobank

Insight and statistics from three festivals across Europe on how they strove towards making festival food more sustainable. Experimenting with apps they pooled data, shared their findings and best practices in creating environmentally-friendly catering for festival attendees.    

Food Footprint Keynote on food sustainability


7. If You Don’t Like The System, Don’t Depend On It

Andy Cato, one half of electronic duo, Groove Armada discussed his journey living outside the system and his life on a sustainable farm in Southern France. Cato shared the steep learning curve he encountered whilst attempting to achieve a nature-inclusive way of farming and the ways in which we can learn from the methods and processes of sustainable farming.   


8. International Festivals Join Forces On Circularity ( Our Top Pick) 

Festival organisers continent-wide joined Dutch minister for the environment Stientje van Veldhoven to pledge to a Green Deal for festivals. Striving to achieve the circular festival model event organisers have now committed to having sustainability at the core of their operations.


9. Closing Keynote: A New Narrative of Sustainability

International speaker, writer and change-maker Mac Macartney inspired with his profound insights and knowledge of how we can activate our brilliance and competence to pursue a future of promise. Discussing sustainability visions and the pursuit of a better future for everyone.


10. EXTRA! The first meeting of GEX: Green Europe Experience partners

Green Europe Experience partners, integrated by organisers from We Love Green (FR), Boom Festival (PT), Dour Festival (BE), Pohoda Festival (SK), A Greener Festival (UK) and GO Group (DE), and supported by Creative Europe -a cultural programme of the European Union, is a research group that focuses on the circularity of eco-designed scenography, decor and sustainable food.

For more alliances and teamwork for the construction of tomorrow’s festival industry.

More info to come!

Interested in meeting and networking with the green live events industry again? Join us at our Green Events and Innovations (GEI) conference in March 2020. Tickets are on sale now!