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Sustainable Touring – KU LEVEN x AB TALKS

KU Leven and AB examine societal challenges and search for solutions through the lens of music and nightlife. In collaboration with VI.BE, the organisation hosts a discussion on the importance of sustainable touring.

Who better to provide the keynote interview than Jamal Chalabi, AGF’s own Head of A Greener Tour, and tour manager for Massive Attack, Bring Me The Horizon, and many more.

The music sector, like the rest of the world, has to switch to an eco-friendlier alternative to the status quo. In particular, investing in the sustainability of live performances and, consequently, domestic and international touring, can drastically lower the environmental footprint of the music sector.

Also joining the panel, AGF CEO Claire O’Neill will be discussing what the music sector can do to reduce emissions and the role of artists, festivals, venues and governments in supporting this sustainable transformation.

The Panel includes:

  • Moderator: Michèle Cuvelier (Studio Brussel)
  • Wannes Cappelle (Het Zesde Metaal)
  • Johan Eyckmans (KU Leuven)
  • Marlene Boere (ESNS Green Touring Support)
  • Claire O’Neill (A Greener Festival)