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A Greener Festival at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020


A Greener Festival is honoured to be playing an integral role at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020, the international music conference in the Netherlands. Represented by many of our esteemed experts, AGF will be educating and furthermore, exploring ways to maximise sustainability in the events/festivals setting. Join the race for a sustainable future with AGF at Eurosonic Noorderslag.

Acting as a torchbearer for sustainability, AGF will contribute to many ESNS discussions and panels. Below is a run-down of our involvement in Eurosonic Noorderslag.

AGF Environmental Assessors Training
AGF Environmental Assessors Training

14th and 15th Jan – A Greener Festival Assessor Training at ESNS

For the first time, A Greener Festival Assessors training is arriving at ESNS

AGF’s 2-day classroom training programme kicked off today! Drawing upon more than a decade of experience in assessing festivals and events around the world, AGF experts guide you through sustainability targets and best practices. We have an amazing group of inspiring individuals bringing a wealth of knowledge from different backgrounds. Many a good project to emerge from this 2 day intensive!

Training focuses on the key operational issues of events which create an impact on the environment, behaviour and communication, alongside knowledge and skills participants need to undertake environmental assessments. 

If you missed out and want to join the next round get in touch for our next dates! You can apply by sending your CV or profile, including a cover note to training@agreenerfestival.com. More info on https://www.agreenerfestival.com/

European Festival Awards
European Festival Awards 11th edition celebrates best festivals from 2019

15th Jan – Join AGF at the European Festival Awards! 15th Jan

Established in 2009 by Festival Awards Ltd, Yourope and Eurosonic Noorderslag, the 11th European Festival Awards will commence on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 in Groningen, in conjunction with the opening of ESNS.

The continent’s biggest and most innovative festivals organisers converge at the EFA for a glittering award show. The ceremony comprises 15 accolades, some decided by public vote and others by an expert panel. Additionally, the event also hosts performances from the continent’s hottest emerging talent.

 More info and tickets here: https://www.europeanfestivalawards.org


Campsite Chaos
Campsite Chaos

16th Jan – Festival Campsite Chaos 3.0 Roundtable (with AGF’s expert and researcher in this topic: Teresa Moore) 16th Jan

Join Director of AGF, Teresa Moore and AGF Co-founder Claire O’Neill in a roundtable discussion with Take A Stand Ambassador and Project Manager of GO Group, Holger Jan Schmidt.  This is a closed group meeting for organisers to discuss their campsite issues and solutions. If you want to join this and are at Eurosonic please get in touch.

Climate Emergency
#FridaysForFuture Strikes


Importantly, as a result of the global reach of climate activist Greta Thunberg, global #FridaysForFuture strikes and other high profile activism, the climate crisis has hit headline news. Therefore we ask, have the public really woken up to the climate crisis? Furthermore, what are the next steps to take to reach our targets? Subsequently, Are we doing enough? In addition, how can we maximise our sustainability? And In conclusion, when IS the music industry declaring a climate emergency?

Moderated by Co-founder of AGF, Claire O’Neill and brought to you courtesy of our dear friends at the GO Group. These though questions and more explored by our esteemed delegates including, Take A Stand, Continental Drifts, Primavera Sound and JIN Climate and Sustainability. 

Greener Festival Awards

Greener Festival Awards 2018 Awarded During Eurosonic 2019

17th Jan – A Greener Festival Award Celebration 2019

Finally, what would AGF be without the festivals that reach out for help? AGF take this opportunity to celebrate A Greener Festival Awards 2018 Awarded During Eurosonic 2019

our 2019 participants and thanking them for joining us on our sustainability journey.

Thank you from everyone at AGF and above all, thank you for creating a brighter future for events!!!!