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A sad sad elephant’s tale – can you help with a happy ending?

tania2AOL brings us one of the saddest stories possible – about a lonely little elephant called Tania, trapped in a Romanian zoo. Captured in 1975 at just three years old when her herd was slaughtered,  instead of being placed with other elephants were she might have got over the trauma, she was sold to a French zoo, the Plaisance du Touch, where she lived alone and isolated for a quarter of a century until 2004 when she was moved to Spain. Campaigners say the isolation was a disaster for the young female elephant. In Spain she was temporarily given a companion when she was placed with another female elephant, Khaiso, that also had a difficult past and the two were quickly inseparable. But when the Terra Natura zoo got into financial difficulties she was again sold off – and in 2009 was taken to Le Barben zoo in France. However she was not accepted by the herd there and was sold again, this time in June 2011 were she ended up at la Cornelle in Italy and was again rejected. From there she was sent to Targu Mures Zoo in Romania where she now lives alone – the saddest elephant in the World.

Campaigners want Tania to be taken away from the zoo and taken to a sanctuary, where she can be slowly integrated with other elephants, and where she will be in a more stimulating environment.

You can visit the campaign’s Facebook page here