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AGF Accredit Falmouth University “Sustainable Festival Management” Degree

Falmouth University have launched a new degree; BA(Hons) Sustainable Festival Management which will run from September 2020. Students will study at both the Penryn Campus and Eden Project; which hosts Cornwall’s legendary Eden Sessions. It was the first undergraduate degree course in the UK to focus entirely on festival management and is also the first to include sustainability in it’s title. Students will learn how to manage successful festivals, working at the forefront of technology and sustainability.

Radiohead guitarist Ed O-Brien said: “So happy to hear that Falmouth University are partnering up with the Eden Project to launch a BA(hons)degree in Sustainable Festival Management… it’s the present and the future .. such a responsible and enlightened response to the climate emergency… and the course sounds brilliant too… well done.”

Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Festivals, Festival Republic said: “With sustainability being such an urgent prerogative for all of society, and events increasingly rising to the challenge of climate change, it is essential that we have events professionals trained in sustainable practices to create a positive future for festivals.  What a fantastic course.”

Teresa Moore, Director of A Greener Festival said: “Sustainability and Climate Change is now firmly on society’s agenda around the globe and for new event professionals it is no longer an add on but an essential part of their education and practice. Well done to Falmouth University for creating this brilliant new degree course.”

Music Declares Emergency stated: All industries have to change in light of the Climate Crisis and music is no different. With their BA(Hons) Sustainable Festival Management course Falmouth University is helping a new generation of festival promoters adapt and thrive, a really positive step forward.

Head of Subject Adrian Bossey said: “We have carefully designed this course to be at the cutting edge of festival innovation, and are so pleased to receive support from such a inspiring advocates for UK music.”

The course is also one of three degrees in the School of Entrepreneurship which have been fully accredited by A Greener Festival – the first university courses in the world to achieve this recognition.

There are still places available in September and for more information please visit