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AGF Environmental Assessor Training in London!

Less than 2 weeks to go! Join us in London for AGF Environmental Assessor Training on 12 / 13 September 2019.

This 2 day classroom training is returning to the home of UK Music in Savoy Hill House.

What’s it all about?
A Greener Festival has developed this course drawing upon more than a decades experience in assessing festivals and events around the world. Training focuses on the key operational issues of events which create an impact on the environment developing the knowledge and skills of participants to undertake environmental assessments or simply to improve their understanding.

Who is this course for?
Designed as Stage 1 training for auditors to complete assessments at festivals and events on behalf of the A Greener Festival Awards. This training course is also relevant for those wishing to work in event sustainability, event organisers, and those seeking to improve their own events sustainability management.

Course Content
Topics covered:

  • Legal Framework and Policy
  • Local Impacts and Risks
  • Sustainable Procurements
  • Travel & Transport
  • Event Power
  • Solid Waste & Recycling
  • Water usage, Waste Water and Sewerage
  • The Circular Event
  • Behaviour & Communication
  • AGF Assessment Familiarisation & Post Event Reporting

Learning will be supported by the use of case studies drawn from real events.

How will you study:

The course will be delivered through a series inputs from the AGF training team combined with exercises using real case studies.

Where and When?


12 / 13 Sept both days @ 09:30 – 17:30

What does it cost?

£399 + VAT

How to apply – Sign me up!

Send your CV or profile and cover note to


What you will receive at the end of the course?

All those who successfully complete the course will be become Stage 1 Certified A Greener Festival Assessors and will receive a certificate of completion from A Greener Festival.

Trainees are then eligible to move to Stage 2 of our training programme. This involves event site visits and the completion of assessments under the supervision of one of our Senior Assessors. Note your site visit expenses will be paid for either by the event or by A Greener Festival.

When you have undertaken at least 2 assessments satisfactorily and passed the AGF Assessor skills assessment, you will have completed Stage 2 of our Assessor Training.

Trainees will also receive a glowing sense of enormous wellbeing (disclaimer: positive disposition may be required)

Note for those who wish to undertake A Greener Festival Assessments:

Terms and Conditions

  1. All Environmental Assessors for A Greener Festival (AGF) need to complete a formal training programme so they can fully participate in evaluating festivals that take part in the A Greener Festival Award scheme and The Greener Event Award scheme.
  2. The training is valid for the A Greener Festival Awards Scheme for three (3) years from the date you complete this course. Whilst you are welcome to take the training again before this time, you do not have to. However, after 3 years you will need to renew your training with A Greener Festival if you wish to continue as an Assessor.
  3. The opportunity to complete an assessment is dependent upon the quantity and location of events applying for the Awards scheme in any twelve (12) month period. These numbers can vary and we would always try and match a festival or event with a suitable Assessor and one deciding factor would be the location of the event and the location of the Assessor to minimise travel emissions and costs.
  4. Successful trainees will demonstrate their ability to complete assessments to a high standard including report writing, communication, interpersonal skills, initiative, and an advanced understanding of the sustainability issues and current trends relating to events. AGF makes no guarantees of employment to trainees.
  5. All assessors must adhere to the assessor Code of Conduct:

A Greener Festival Assessor: Code of Conduct

  1. Assessors will complete the AGF Assessor training as a minimum requirement of auditing events for the Greener Festival Award. Wherever practicable, Assessors will keep up to date and inform themselves of latest developments, issues and innovations in the festival and events industry in relation to environmental impacts and issues of sustainability.
  2. Assessors will always conduct themselves in a professional, safe and responsible manner when assessing festivals and events and representing A Greener Festival, adhering to the event site health and safety rules.
  3. The most low carbon form of transport will be sought when planning travel to and from events. This will be arranged as early as possible in order to minimise the costs to A Greener Festival and the applying festivals.
  4. Where possible, assessors should attend applying events from start to finish in order to gain a fuller perspective for the events actions.
  5. The Assessors report is the most valuable document to A Greener Festival in delivering the awards. The Assessors must commit to answering all questions fully, fairly, objectively and honestly based upon the evidence they have seen and received.
  6. Assessors must liaise with festivals prior to, during, and post event to gain complete evidence for the marks that they award in the Greener Festival Assessment Form. The type of evidence required is detailed in the Assessors guidance notes and supporting document list. Pre and Post event communication may be by phone or email, whereas onsite communication is expected
    to take place in person.
  7. All expenses must be agreed in advance. Assessors will keep receipts and invoices for all expenses to be claimed. Receipts must be submitted to A Greener Festival or the Event directly to receive repayment for expenses. Expenses cannot be paid that have not been agreed in advance.
  8. Assessors will respect the ownership, sensitive nature and value of information they receive, treating all information provided to them as part of the Greener Festival Awards application, including but not limited to assessment materials, contacts and supporting documentation, as
    private and confidential, to be shared only with the AGF administration.
  9. The Assessor must be independent of the applicant, and must inform A Greener Festival if any potential conflict of interest exists, be it professional, commercial or personal.
  10. Assessors will not approach applicants with propositions of using the assessor for future business of any kind, without prior consent from A Greener Festival.
  11. Assessors must remain impartial in their judgment and must not accept gifts, ‘in kind’ offers or bribes under any circumstances

Featured Picture: Arcadia “Pangea”, Glastonbury Festival 2019