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AGF ASSOCIATE: MHM Group Commits to Eliminate Fossil Fuels

The MHM Group was incorporated in 2010 and over the past ten years they have developed into one of the UK and Ireland’s leading suppliers of sustainable solar-hybrid-generators and solar-only lighting towers, alongside a range of product related accessories. All their products are manufactured in Italy, exclusively for MHM.

Environmental issues are at the heart of the MHM Group. They currently offer 6.00kVA and 10.00kVA Solar-hybrid generators, with advanced plans to extend this range up 100kVA. The MHM Solar-hybrid sets have all the attributes of standard site generators, with the exception that they run almost exclusively from non‐fossil-initiated fuels. Each unit features a fully adjustable roof mounted high efficiency solar panel which will provide power to the sealed lead acid batteries in all UK and Ireland weather conditions.

MHM are also pioneering the use of ‘intelligent’ automatic start-stop power generators. The MHM MG SSY-ECO range has a built‐in ECO auto stop/start modules that instructs the generator to automatically start when power is needed. Conversely, the engine stops when the demand for power finishes.  This means that the set only runs when required which results in a significant lowering of fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

For ultra-low emission power, MHM have introduced a line of ‘Batpacks’. The MHM Batpack range is heavy-duty, robust and delivers a reliable power source from a Lithium iron phosphate battery. They are recharged in three hours via a solar panel or diesel generator. They have Batpack sets from 0.75kVA/1.5kWh up to 24kVA/60kWh.

For site lighting that is completely fuel-free, MHM has two products: The first is titled the ST-9 which is powered via a Lithium iron phosphate battery and charged via a solar panel. This combination renders the ST-9 noise, emission and fuel free. A user can upgrade to a vandal and shatter-proof, flexible solar panel for added safety. The ST-9 has a 9-metre vertical mast with four LED lamps and is fitted onto a road tow trailer.

The second lighting set is called the X-Street. The unit is very simple to use and set up. It features an integrated Lithium iron phosphate battery and has no complicated wiring or fixings. Uniquely, the X-Street is fitted with an automatic movement sensor which dims the light when it detects no movement and increases the light coverage when motion reappears. The battery is charged via its’ high efficiency solar panel which will operate in most weather conditions. The X-Street is designed to work with zero CO2 emissions, zero noise levels and zero fuel consumption. Illumination is from an energy saving 50-watt LED lamp fitted onto a 5-section manual vertical tower

For festival managers that have bespoke requirements, MHM’s design teams and engineers have the knowledge and expertise to find a solution to most particular issues.

The MHM Group has three distinct divisions – MHM New Equipment Sales, MHM Used Equipment Sales and MHM Rehire Division. The MHM Rehire division only hires to bone fide rental firms and not end users.

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