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AGF, Buenas Noches Producciones and BLOND:ISH’s Bye Bye Plastic Tackle Waste in South America

A Greener Festival, Buenas Noche Producciones and BLOND:ISH’s Bye Bye Plastic Tackle Plastic Waste in South America

In an effort to take action to climate emergency and tackle waste in South America, A Greener Festival (AGF), Buenas Noches Producciones (leading Electronic music producers in South America), Bye Bye Plastic (By DJ BLOND:ISH) and Voluntad Verde (local movement educating on eco-friendly best practices) conducted an awareness-raising initiative in Córdoba, Argentina, on Thursday 21st just ahead of 22nd of November BLOND:ISH concert.

“We have been working hard to bring Respect to the core of all elements that conform to our events for years. These include respect with our environment, our health, our piers; Respect for all and for everything. We are committed to lead the change in our local scene and strongly believe that consistency and continuity get us there. This powerful initiative that brought together artist, staff and the local community is just beginning. We have a lot more sleeves-rolled-up hard work ahead.” Ivan Aballay, CEO and Founder of Buenas Noches Producciones

The initiative consisted of the cleaning of Río Suquía shores at Kempes’ Park in Córdoba, Argentina, including an informative discussion about the commitment of the electronic music scene to help tackle climate emergency, the damaging effects of Plastics and best practices to reduce waste generation at these events, as an open and free initiative for the local community empowering those who are frequent attendees of BNP’s groundbreaking electronic music events and want to implement and ensure more sustainable events in the future.   

On one hand, the pollution of the water and Suquía’s riverbank is a major environmental issue in Córdoba. On the other, Centros Verdes (“Green Centers”), the Waste Management System facilities of Córdoba, only manages clean and dry recyclables to relocate for commercial use resulting in large portions of recyclable waste not being reintroduced to the manufacturing system -Waste from parks and river shores are often contaminated with other materials and as a result end up in landfill sites. A need for education on how to reduce consumption and waste generation and how to help local waste not ending up in landfills has been identified and the initiative of this powerful partnership aims to help tackle it. 

“So often the discussion around sustainability is about limitation and lack. What we love about this inspiring collaboration is that it amplifies and enhances our combined energy to make a positive difference beyond the dancefloor. If the whole music industry took actions such as these surrounding gigs, the environmental benefits would be phenomenal.” Claire O’Neill, A Greener Festival 

The event began with an opening statement led by Buenas Noches Producciones (BNP) introducing and detailing the commitment from the Electronic Music scene to helping tackle climate emergency, which involves their “Dance and Recycling” and “Respect” campaign, the complete Sustainability Assessment conducted by AGF on the 22nd (the date BNP has BLOND:ISH performing in Córdoba) and their alliance with different like-minded organisations such as Bye Bye Plastic and Voluntad Verde, with further discussion on the role of the audience and how it can contribute to sustainability in regards to waste. 

The cleaning of the Suquía riverbank followed, where participants could experience the obstacles and challenges faced while attempting to maintain the area. 

Finally, the activity concluded with a revealing discussion concerning where the waste collected would end up due to its conditions therefore why it is important that we become more conscious at consumption, and how to adopt better practices towards recyclables to enable more efficient waste management and maintain our environment.

During 2018, 3095.3 tons of dry waste was processed in the city’s Centros Verdes at an average of more than 320 tons per month. In 2019, with the commitment of all citizens, Centros Verdes hope to recover bigger volumes and our initiative aims to help achieve that through this awareness-raising initiative. 

“What an honour to be invited to be a part of something special like this my first time in Córdoba. Thanks to Voluntad Verde, Micaela and everyone else for putting this together, I really could feel the genuine love, and we all connected on this common interest for la Tierra. I’m sure when I come back there will be much progress, let’s keep going!!!!!! Communities that Clean Together. Stay Together” Bye Bye Plastic Vivie-ann Bakos (Blond:ish)

If you would like to read more about how the electronic music industry can achieve the most environmentally sustainable results, check out AGF’s blog post “What influence can the Electronic Music Scene have in tackling climate emergency” 

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