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All hope lost for Cop 15 ….

It seems that almost all the world now accepts that the chances of a binding legal treaty coming out of the UN’s Copenhagen conference on climate change are practically zero. Unlike the current rise in global temperatures which are well above zero. The best it seems world leaders will manage is a ‘political agreement’ on reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, getting the USA to agree to emission cuts and compensating and aiding developing countries in adapting to climate change. Delegates from 190 countries at a pre-conference meetup in Barcelona are now trying to agree a new timetable for a legally binding treaty but Ed Milliband, the UK’s Climate Change Secretary  told the UK’s House of Commons that little progress was being made with more than 1000 outstanding issues over wording of a possible treaty. Political will and leadership is what is needed now to give next month’s UN climate change conference in Copenhagen a ”final push” and ”get us to a result”, UN climate chief Yvo de Boer said on the final day of climate talks in Barcelona.