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Climate Action present a webinar on 30th April addressing COVID-19 & Climate Change: What does this mean for our global fight against climate change and what does this mean for our ability to address the climate emergency in the future?

The current global health crisis has created grave uncertainties across the world. In response, governments have brought in unprecedented measures to curb the spread of the virus – the steps to restrict movement and mass gatherings, as well as the implementation of economic stimulus packages across the globe have not been seen during peacetimes.

Whilst COVID-19 has seemingly put environmental diplomacy on hold with the postponement of COP26 and the 15th Biodiversity COP, what does the current global health crisis mean for ongoing climate crisis? In a year in which global political and business leaders are meant to put climate change first, what impact will this pandemic have on our collective ability to address the climate emergency?

Webinar Moderator:

  • Nik Gowing – Founder and co-Director – Thinking the Unthinkable

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Josef Aschbacher – Director of Earth Observation Programmes – European Space Agency (ESA)
  • David Nabarro – Special Envoy COVID-19 – World Health Organization
  • Helena Molin Valdes – Director – United Nations Clean Air and Climate Coalition
  • Martin Adams – Head of Health and Sustainable Resource Use (HSR) – European Environment Agency
  • Pushpam Kumar – Chief Environmental Economist – United Nations Environment Programme

Find more info and register here.