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CRISIS – WHAT CRISIS!!!! ooohhhh, THIS crisis ….

As 18 people tragically died in the South of France after torrential summer rainfall exceeded 35cm (14 inches) in some parts of the Var Department in just a few hours, 1.4 million people have been displaced in China due to extreme flooding, the Nort West of England conversely is having its driest spring for at least forty years after last years extraordinary floods and the Gulf Oil debacle continues to pour thousands and thousands of gallons of oil misery into the Gulf of Mexico every day, research from Imperial College in London shows that there is still a high level of sceptisim and indifference amongst Britons to Climate Change and the ongoing damage humans are causing to the environment. Less than a third of Britons believe the issue to be “serious and urgent” and “requires radical steps”.  A silimar number doubt that climate change is happenig at all. The scepticism contributed t0 the 2.1 tonnes of CO2 generated by each household each year – the highest of all the ten countries examined by Imperial College. A little more than a half of Britons are “quite” or “very” concerned about climate change – in Spain over three quarters of the population were (at least) “quite” worried. However nine out of ten people in the UK said they would make changes if there was some financial support.