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Earth Day Message From A Greener Festival

Photo: Boom Festival, Portugal

Happy Earth Day 🌏

At AGF, since global lockdown, we took the rare opportunity to ease the foot off the peddle and reflect on priorities and direction. The meaningful conversations, connections and ideas that are being born from this global disruption both are motivating and inspiring.

Profit has come before People and Planet for a long time. The stark reality of profit presently coming to its knees gives the space to reimagine what the real sustainability of the industry (indeed any industry) could look like. All 3 pillars – Economic – Social – Environmental – on equal standing, supporting the whole.

Sustainability across all of its facets has never been more crucial and we have never experienced such a leveller and empathy across the entire global network as we do today. Business as Usual is no longer infallible and the prospect of balance is a logical and necessary aspiration.

Like many around the world we have experienced real losses in business and in family. Our hearts go out to every single person who is suffering today.

Going forwards we’ll continue with greater strength and clarity to ensure sustainability is top of the agenda, where healthy economic structures are designed not to exploit, but to protect and nurture the environment and people.

Collaboration is key. We will be sharing news soon with actions upcoming and unfolding. Let’s “get together”.

Every day is #EarthDay.