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Edie Webinar on waste and energy tomorrow (Friday April 20th at 11.00 UK)

EdieWaste will be running a free webinar this Friday (April 20th) at 11am to address how waste and renewable energy policy is impacting on UK infrastructure with the title Waste strategy: a positive force for the UK’s energy infrastructure development?

Register here.

Nearly two years after the new government came into office, heralding sweeping reform of waste, planning and energy policy, the sector had hoped to have a clear pathway signposting the way forward, underpinning increased inward investment and kick starting further development. Instead we are faced with further delays as many areas of policy remain under review.

In the next edie webinar session, Chair Maxine Perella is joined by David Massingham, director of public affairs at global Energy-from-Waste developer and operator Covanta Energy, to consider whether our current policies are fit for purpose. The webinar will explore the waste development versus inward investment conundrum – and poses the additional question: “Has the recent planning overhaul left waste hanging in the balance?”

You can register to listen in to the debate from your computer using the following link

During the session you’ll have the chance to pose questions to the panel, take part in interactive polls to inform the debate and learn from the experts.