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ESNS Session Declares Sustainable Festivals or No Festivals

AGF were extremely happy to be cohosts alongside Go Group, for what was a seriously encouraging discussion at ESNS on 14th Jan 2021. It is incredible to see how far and fast things are moving and changing. “Culture – Covid – Climate Change”.

Claire O’Neill (AGF) chaired this session with Dr Christian Ehler, Member of European Parliament (MEP), Dora Palma sustainability lead and engineer from Rock in Rio Brazil and Lisbon, Fay Milton drummer of Savages and founder of Music Declares Emergency and Dr Stefano Barberis from Everywh2ere Hydrogen who is an engineer and bringing #hydrogenfuelcell generators to events around Europe.

The bottom line(s),

– This colossal change we have to achieve can be a positive transformation.

– The EU has recognised creative industries as a crucial part of the drastic rapid changes we need to make in how we all live, and have increased investments and funding to reflect it.

– We all need to let go of macho attitudes to the world (bigger, louder, faster, all for me).

– We were looking through the lens of the cultural and specifically the live music sector. We were told in no uncertain terms, “Within 10 years you have a sustainable festival, or you do not have one at all.”

Thanks to Holger Schmidt (GO Group) and Jacob Sylvester Bilabel (Green Music Initiative)  for co curating and ESNS for organising!