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Firefly Solar news

Firefly Solar have been commissioned by British Gas to design and build a unique solar powered promotional unit from a re-used shipping container. The Solar Space is a stand-alone power system which demonstrates the set up and capabilities of grid connected solar installations for the home. The Solar Space, designed to create conversations about low carbon initiatives, will feature as part of a series of brand experience events, aimed at communicating and showcasing the possibilities and uses of solar power in the domestic environment. British Gas representatives will be on hand at the Solar Space to promote and communicate a range of low carbon, energy efficient services offered by British Gas.

Pyxis Products Now Available: Firefly have also announced that Pyxis products are now available – Pyxis is an ultra-compact, lightweight portable solar generator which is easily lifted and movable by hand, requiring one person only. This makes Pyxis one of the most adaptable and practical options of generator within the Firefly range. As with all Firefly Solar generators, Pyxis is silent-running and emission free. Pyxis is available for both hire and purchase, offering an accessible and presentable green power solution for your event or business through the use of cutting edge technology. Pyxis Solar Generators, available in either 0.5kVA or 0.275kVA power output options, offer a clean, green, sustainable energy solution. Pyxis is housed in a robust and durable case, with easy lift handles. A stackable additional battery storage box is also available, enabling the generator to run for extended periods of time. Pyxis Portable Solar Generators offer:

• Temporary Stand Alone Power for small events, exhibitions and market stalls
• Silent running and emission-free source of power
• Permanent Stand Alone Power for rural locations
• Recharge available via Firefly’s Kinectrics and FoldArray ranges along with wind turbine.

For further technical information and prices, please visit:  and

Firefly are able to install grid tie systems that will lower your carbon footprint and present a clear return on financial investments. Under the British Government’s “Feed-in Tariff Scheme” (FITs) for micro generation, it is now possible to generate a healthy income by installing solar PV modules on your roof. Firefly have created three, grid connected kits for domestic solar powered grid tie solutions, using the best quality components from trusted manufacturers. All of these kits can be installed by the Firefly installation team in less than 3 days. Your system will then be tested and commissioned so that you can enjoy the benefits of free electricity alongside a healthy return on your investment. For more information on solar installations for the home and how the feed in tariff works, click . Alternatively please contact us on 01273 617006 and our team will be happy to offer advice, quotes and further information on how a domestic solar install could work for you.

Finally, the Kinectrics Playground is a fun and exciting new range of equipment which converts kinetic energy into electricity. As well as incorporating the PedGen pedal power generators the playground also includes three new innovative designs in people powered technology; the TeedleGen seesaw, WhirlyGen roundabout and HamGen, a human size hamster wheel. These products offer an engaging and interactive way of generating electricity which is both educational and entertaining. Using the Firefly YouWatt meter participants and onlookers are able to observe on screen their own movements being transformed into electricity which can be used to charge low voltage equipment such as phones and cameras or to charge battery banks. The Kinectrics Playground makes its debut this weekend at Electric Picnic Festival, Ireland.  Find out more about Firefly’s range of Kinectrics equipment at: