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Fourth Victim dies in Madrid tragedy

Details have emerged that a fourth victim had died from injuries sustained at the Thriller Music Park event in Madrid, Spain. The victim was seventeen years old, putting more pressure on the event’s promoters and security operation, as the show was for eighteen years and over.  A fifth victim remains in a critical condition.  The Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, has now banned “mega-parties” and large-scale concerts from taking place at city-owned venues in the Spanish capital

Local police are now investigating the tragedy and its causes, and investigators will view 1,350 hours of video footage to determine what went wrong. While initial reports focused blame on a flare being set off inside the venue, it is was subsequently alleged that the venue was overcrowded and that security failed to maintain adequate crowd distribution across the venue’s three floors – as ticketholders could drift between the three floors of the venue meaning that  access corridors were particularly busy, leading to the fatal bottleneck in one of the building’s main access passageways. Promoters say the event was not over sold.