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Glastonbury to harvest profits from solar panels

The Times has reported on Michael Eavis’s plans to install 1,100 solar panels on the roofs of his cow barns at Worthy Farm, home of the legendary Glastonbury Festival, making it Britain’s biggest privately owned solar farm capable of generating 200 Kikowatts of power – enough to meet the electricity needs of 40 homes.  Michael told the Times “I’ve been planning this for a long time but the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has brought home just how urgent it is that we move to renewable energy”. The Festival already runs the weekend event (next weekend, June 25-27) on biodiesel generators but the new ‘feed in tariffs’  will allow Michael to sell the energy he generates to the National Greed – meaning that solar power is green, clean and economically attractive too.  The solar panels, covering 1500 sq metres of ‘Mootel’ roof, will cost £550,000 to install but could produce revenues of £45,000 per annum, as well as reducing the Farm’s electricty bill, and should take six years to recoup the outlay, and then Michael says he will reinvest profits into more solar generating capacity.